Synchronizing Domains

You must regularly synchronize individual computers and Windows domain users with the domain controller to maintain accurate database user and domain information.

The database stores user, user groups, and computer and domain account information. To preserve the login performance experience, new user names are not resolved during login. Therefore, current user and domain name information must be synchronized by the administrator.

The synchronization process applies to protected computers that are in a domain or a file group. You can synchronize local users and user groups for one or more computers in a domain. This allows you to enforce policies for local users within a domain.

  • Synchronizing Domain Members
    You can update the users and groups domain list in the Ivanti Device and Application Control database by using the Synchronize Domain tool.
  • Synchronizing Domain Users
    When no domain controller exists to generate a user list for the Synchronize Domain task, you must add domain servers and computer users to the user list manually.

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