Service Manager


Working with Change Management

In Service Manager, a change is defined as a change in the IT environment, such as a software update or introducing a new server.

Change management is the process of assessing and detecting any impact and potential risk that a proposed change could inflict on your organization. The goal of change management is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used to process change requests. Successful change management minimizes the impact of change-related issues and improves daily operations.

Changes are implemented through configuration items. Changes can be used with incidents, problems, or releases. A change request is a formal request for the implementation of a change. A change request, specifying the details of a proposed change, must be submitted for every non-standard change.

A change can result from two factors:

Problems that require resolution.

Proactive business decisions that hope to reduce cost, improve service, or improve organization operations.

Changes are carefully controlled. Only users in authorized roles can work with the full change process. Most users only interact with changes when they submit change requests.

See Change Lifecycle for information about the lifecycle of a change request and the different states that a change request moves through.

See Change Management Roles and Tasks for information about Change Managers and their roles.

Viewing Change Requests

Change Managers, change implementers, and change approvers can view change requests and the tasks that are assigned to them.

1.Log in to Service Manager.

2.Open the Change workspace. A list of change requests is displayed.

3.Open a change request record to view its details.

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