Service Manager


ADScan Function

The ADScan function does the following:

1.Call the Windows ADsOpenObject APIA set of routines, protocols, and tools for building the software application. with the credentials specified during installation to get an IDirectorySearch COM object for the active directory domain (for example, LDAP://DC=EMEA, DC=FRS).

2.Call IDirectorySearch.ExecuteSearch with the filter (objectCategory = computer). This uses LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol, a directory service protocol that accesses directory information from an LDAP server with TCP/IP. to return all computer objects in the domain.

To perform the search, the user must be assigned list contents permission.

To install the gateway on a server that does not belong to a domain, you must specify a valid local administrator user and .(dot) for the domain name. If you are using that gateway to deploy an agent to another computer in the same workgroup, the active directory scan does not work. It works only if the administrator user is common for the domain; however, in a workgroup, although the users might have the same login credentials, they are still considered two different users. To deploy an agent in this instance, use the client agent installer.

See Installer Downloads for installation options.

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