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Creating an External Offering

You can create a URL-based request offering that can be posted on an external website (such as an outside vendor site). Users click a link that enables them to access the request offering.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Service Owner.

2.Open the Request Offering workspace.

3.Click New > External Offering. The Define External Offering page opens.

4.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Service The service for which the external offering applies. This list is populated from the Services workspace.
Name A unique name for the service.
Description Describes how the external offering is used.
Anonymous Submit Allows anonymous users to submit a service request based on this external offering.

5.Define the Categories.

Click Add Category to choose a category for this external offering. Repeat to select multiple categories.

Click Edit Categories to make changes to a category.

6.Click Next. The Set External Offering page opens.

Set External Offering Page

7.Click Change Image to edit the default image. See Default Icons for Request Offerings.

The image size cannot be larger than 50 KB.

We recommend square images.

The image dimensions can be as large as you like, but is scaled down to 48 by 48 pixels.

8.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
External Service Uri Either HTTP or HTTPS (for a secure connection). Select from the drop-down list, then enter the web address of the service.
Put logged in User Id in URL as HeatUserId

Shows the user ID with HeatUserId in the URL.

Put Offering Id in URL as Shows the offering ID and the user ID appear in the URL box.
Open In

Specifies how the service request appears. Select from the drop-down list:

New Window: Opens the service request in a new browser window.

Workspace: Opens a new workspace inside Service Manager.

Inside Service Catalog: Opens the service request inside the Service Catalog workspace within Service Manager.

9.Click Next. The Publish Action Access page opens. Access to external offerings is based on the organizational unit, region, and location of the user.

10.Select an option from the Status drop-down list.

Field Description
In Design Saves the external offering without publishing it to users. You can modify this external offering later.
Published Saves the external offering and makes it available under request offerings, but not under the Service Catalog. When setting this status, by default the organizational unit of the owner is added with all permissions checked. This external offering is available in the Service Catalog for this organizational unit unless modified.

11.Click Add.

Field Description
Org Unit Selects an organizational unit from the list. You can only publish external offerings to organizational units to which you have access. For example, if you do not have access to the entire organization, your published external offering is only available to users in the organizational unit that you have selected and below. You can only publish to an organizational unit to which you belong, and its parent and child units.
Location Only publishes to specific locations. You can designate multiple locations.
Submit Allows this external offering to be submitted from the Service Catalog by the designated organizational unit.
Edit Select to modify the external offering (not the resulting service request). The request offering owner has edit permissions by default.


Select to delete the external offering (not the resulting service request).


Select to duplicate the external offering (not the resulting service request).

12.Click Save, Save & Exit, or Cancel.

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