About Form Controls

A control is a form item that can be individually selected and manipulated. Text boxes, drop-down lists, buttons, labels, and images are all controls.

Controls are organized into the following categories:

Field controls: Contain field data. A field control consists of a physical control (either a date box, DateTime box, label, Boolean check box, number box, radio button, text box, or time box) with a label. The field type determines the kinds of controls that can be used for each field.

Relationship controls: Display link fields data. A link field is a special application field that stores the RecID and category for a record to identify and link records in a business object relationship. When you create a parent-child object, you must create any associated link field, such as ParentLink, manually. A link field control consists of a physical control (either a link control or a label menu) with a label.

Other controls: Enhance the functionality or aesthetics of a form. These controls include buttons, free-floating labels and images. See About the "Other" Form Controls