Working with Analyst Mobile

The Mobile Analyst portal is a web-based responsive user interface that you can access using the Mobile Analyst role. As a Mobile Analyst user, you can perform the following actions using this portal:

Create, track, resolve, and complete Incidents.

Create, edit, and fulfill Service Requests.

Create and complete Tasks and assign Tasks to others.

Add notes and attachments to Incidents and Tasks.

All of these can be done on-the-go using your mobile devices.

When you login to Ivanti Service Manager on your mobile devices including tablets, only mobile-based user roles are available. If you want to login to non-mobile based user roles, use your desktop or a laptop.

Logging in to the Mobile Analyst portal

1.On your mobile device, enter the login URL provided by your administrator.

2.In the login page, enter your username and password and click Login.

3.Select the Mobile Analyst user role and click Submit.

The application displays the Home page.

Navigating the Mobile Analyst portal

The Home page is the default view of the Mobile Analyst portal. You can navigate to different workspaces from the Home page based on the actions you want to perform.

Home Page

View Incidents: Displays your team's active incidents by default, however, you can choose to view from the following options:

All Active Incidents, My Team's Active Incidents (default), and All.

View Tasks: Displays your team's open tasks, however, you can choose to view from the following options:.

My Open Tasks, My Recent Tasks, My Team's Open Tasks (default), My Team's Unassigned Tasks, and All.

My Incidents: Displays all incidents assigned to you.

My Tasks: Displays all tasks assigned to you.

My Team: Displays your team's active incidents.

Using Search

You can refine your search and also sort and filter the records displayed for incidents and tasks:

1.Select either View Incidents or View Tasks.

2.To search by a keyword:

Type a keyword in the search bar.

3.To search using the favorite search options:

a. Tap the drop-down arrow under the search option name.
b. Select from the options displayed.

4.To filter and sort:

a. Tap the filter icon .
b. Select the required options in the Sort and Filter page and tap the close icon once you finish.