Facilities Management

With Ivanti Facilities Management capabilities, Self Service users can raise Facilities Service Requests while the Facility Management team can track and cater to them seamlessly in a defined workflow.

The following are the features of Facility Management:

Facility Management team can cater to Facilities Service Requests in a defined workflow.

Work Orders for single job as well as repeated maintenance jobs can be created, tracked, and fulfilled by the Facilities Management team.

Stock and location of Facility Assets can easily tracked and maintained from Stock Management.

Facility Location allows tagging of addresses to Work Orders and locating Facility Assets by location.

Facility Dashboards gives statistics of the functioning of the department which help in making informed decisions and changes in processes.

Facilities Management User Roles

The following user roles are available for Facilities Management. Each user role has unique responsibilities.

Facilities Administrator

Facilities Manager

Facilities Analyst

Home Page

When logged in with Facility Management user role, the Home page displays dashboards specific Facilities Management. Click My Dashboards and select the ones you want to display on your Home page.

The following dashboards are available:

Facility Manager Dashboard

Facilities Recurring Work Order Dashboard

Work Order Projects Dashboard

Facility Assets in Stock

Facility Assets by Location

All Active Purchase Orders by Statuses

All Active Shipments by Statuses

All Active Assets by Location

Invoices for Active Purchase Orders To Facility Assets

All Active Work Orders by Statuses

My Active Work Orders

My Active Work Orders by Priority

My Open Facility Tasks

My Active Facility Requests

All Active Facility Requests

All Active Work Orders by Location

Facilities Calendar

All maintenance schedule entries are added to the Facilities Calendar. From the workspace menu. click More and select Facilities Calendar to view the maintenance schedules.