Auto-Detecting Security Vulnerabilities

Through InsightVM and Ivanti Service Manager Integration, security threats and vulnerabilities are scanned and detected automatically at regular intervals based on the Integration Fetch New Vulnerabilities Daily Scheduled Entry and Rapid7 Integration Fetch Vulnerabilities Workflow definition.

This helps your organization and specifically your team in early detection of security threats and vulnerabilities and allows you to take necessary action.

This feature is available only if your organization's administrator has setup the integration between InSightVM and ISM.


The following workspaces are populated with details of the security threats and vulnerabilities that are detected:

Site Configuration - Displays the sites which has assets detected for security vulnerability. Open a site record to view all the assets in that site that pose a security threat or vulnerability.

Vulnerabilities - Displays the details of all security vulnerabilities that are detected and the lists the Security Incidents created for vulnerabilities that are of high risk. Security Incidents are created for vulnerabilities that have Severity Score and CVSS Score above 9.00 and Risk Score above 400.

Discovered Assets - Displays all assets having security vulnerabilities. Open a record to view the vulnerabilities, the site the asset belongs to, and the Configuration Items linked to the asset.