Working with Security Operations

With the Ivanti Service Manager Security Operations capabilities, security incidents of your organization such as theft, data breach, phishing, and policy violation can addressed in a structured manner with automated workflows. It also helps employees to easily reports security incidents and request for security services.

Security Operations User Roles

The following Security Operations user roles are available in Ivanti Service Manager. Each user role has different capabilities, roles and responsibilities:

Chief Information Security Officer

Security Administrator

Security Analyst

Security Manager

Dashboards and Reports

Security Operations dashboards and reports gives you a visual representation of your organization's security threats and vulnerabilities. This helps you take business decisions and initiatives to improve the security performance of your team.

All Active Security Incidents by Category

List of Security Operations Dashboards

The dashboards available to you are based on your user role. The following dashboards are available for Security Operations:

List of Security Operations Reports

The following reports are available for Security Operations:

Open High Priority Security Incidents

Open Security Incidents by Category

Open Security Incidents by Team

Security Incidents SLAs by Assigned User

Security Incidents Opened last month by Category

Security Incidents Opened this month by Category

Security Incidents with breached SLA