Search Metrics Dashboard

With Search Metrics, you can track the searched keywords and the volume of each search in the Self Service Mobile portal. Search Metrics is a default dashboard of Analytic Metrics that provides the keyword search information such as total searched keywords in the last six months, volume of each search, and top trending keywords searched. Search Metrics dashboard will be auto refreshed every hour. You can disable the capturing of metrics using the SearchMetrics global constant.

You can also configure the time period for archiving the search records. See Archive for Search Workflow Block.

The following dashboards are available for Search Metrics:

Dashboard Parts Name


Search Feature Usage by Users on Device

Pie chart of the searched keywords by users on various devices such as desktop and phone.

Total Keywords Searched

Gauge Chart of the total number of searched keywords in the last six months.

Keywords with No Result

List view of all searched keywords with no result and their search volume.

Top Trending Keywords with Results

List view of all searched keywords with results and their search volume.