Chatting with Self Service Mobile Users

If your administrator has assigned you as the chat analyst, you can pick up support chat requests to answer the Self Service Mobile users' queries or solve their issues without them having to raise an Incident.

In case the chat icon is not available for your user role, then you are not assigned the chat analyst role. For further assistance, reach out to your organization's administrator.

The number of chat requests you will be assigned at a time is setup by your administrator. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 20 chat requests can be assigned to you at a time. However, only when you accept the chat request the session starts.

Additional actions you can perform from the chat window

Drop-down arrow - displays the following options:

Chat History - displays the chat history from sessions that has Incident created. How many previous sessions' history should be stored is configured by your administrator.

Full screen - displays the chat window in full screen.

Increase text Size - increases the font size.

View Profile - displays the profile of the current user in the chat.

Copy - copies the chat text.

Minimize - minimized the chat window.

Close - closes the chat window.

If an Incident was created in the previous chat session, the Incident ID will be displayed in the current chat window.

You cannot close an active chat window unless the Self Service Mobile user closes it.