About Creating a Custom Problem Status

You can create a custom status for a problem, and determine the order of transition for the custom state.

Problem Status Transitions

Adding a Custom State to the List of Problem States

Problem Status Transitions

By default, a problem is constrained by the different states in its lifecycle. For example, when a problem is in the logged state, the next state is investigation. From investigation, it can be set to identified. (See Problem State Transitions Reference for a list of the problem states.)

Problem Lifecycle

Adding a Custom State to the List of Problem States

Follow these steps to add a custom state to the list of problem states that is available in Service Manager:

1.From the problem record, click Edit in the Status field. The Status window appears.

2.Click Add. The New Problem Status Workflow window appears.

New Problem Status Workflow

3.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Current Status The current status. Probably logged.
Next Status The name of the new status.
Sort Order The number of the order the current status should be.

4.Click Save.

5.Choose the new status to add it to your problem.

6.Click Save. All new problems now have the new status available from the drop-down list.