Working with the Problem Review Board

About the Problem Review Board

Creating a Problem Review Board

About the Problem Review Board

The goal of the Problem Review Board is to manage problems. This is done through analyzing incidents as they happen, reviewing historic trend data, and staying current with industry news and vendor updates.

The Problem Review Board must include representation from relevant individuals to effectively review incident trend data for reactive problem management as well as searching for risks from a proactive stance.

Each problem can have a unique Problem Review Board.

Creating a Problem Review Board

1.Log in to the application as a Problem Manager.

2.Open the Problem workspace.

3.Select the Problem Review Board tab. A list of members appears, if there are members.

4.Click the link icon from the tab toolbar. A list of employees appears.

5.Select the employee to link as a stakeholder and click Select. The employee is linked to the record as a stakeholder and appears in the list.

6.Repeat to add more employees.

7.Click Save.