Assigning a Task to an Owner

If you do not specify an owner when you create a task (see Creating a Task), you can assign a task to a team. The team manager can then assign the task to an owner.

Tasks are usually assigned to a team other than the Service Desk (desktop support), except for tasks created through the email listener. The Service Desk is the initial point of contact for the customer or requester, but tasks are usually performed by technicians with more specialized skill sets.

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open the Task workspace. The system displays a list of tasks.

3.Find a tasks with a status of logged. (Logged tasks do not have owners.)

4.Open the task.

5.In the Owner field, select an individual to work on the task. Optionally, you can select another team from the Team field and then select an owner from the new team.

6.Click Save. The system notifies the task assignee of the task assignment and sets the task status to assigned.