Completing a Task

To be considered resolved, a task must have a status of completed or canceled. If a task is not resolved in a prescribed amount of time, the system sends an escalation notification as specified by your system configuration.

By default, there is no validation for tasks to be in the completed or canceled status before the incident is set to resolved or closed. For all associated tasks to be completed, the administrator can enable the validation on save business rule for incidents. However, if you enable this rule, keep in mind that users in the Self-Service Portal cannot close incidents that have open tasks.

1.Open a workspace that has tasks. For example, open the Change workspace.

2.Open a record within the workspace. For example, open a change.

3.Click the Task tab. The system displays the tasks associated with the record.

4.Highlight a task.

5.Click Complete on the task toolbar.

6.Enter the number of minutes spent working on the task. The system updates the Cost field if you have earlier specified an average cost per minute for the team assigned to the task.

7.Click OK. The system still displays the task in the Task workspace, but displays the status as completed.