Reassigning a Task to Another Owner or Team

If you are unable to work on a task or if the task is escalated, you might have to reassign the task.

1.Open a workspace that has tasks. For example, open the Change workspace.

2.Open a record within the workspace. For example, open a change.

3.Click the Task tab. The system displays the tasks associated with the record.

4.Highlight a task.

5.From the task toolbar, click Reassign.

6.To assign the task to another team, select a team and click OK. The system changes the task status to logged. If you did not specify an owner, the task remains in the logged state until it is assigned to an owner.

7.To assign the task to another owner, do the following:

a. Open the task.  The system displays the Edit Task dialog box.
b. Select an individual from the Owner drop-down menu.
c. Click Save.

The system notifies the task assignee of the task assignment.