Responding to a Task

About Responding to a Task

Responding to a Task by Email

About Responding to a Task

If the system assigns a task to you or your team, you must respond to it within a set amount of time. If you do not, the system displays an escalation notification as specified by your system configuration.

Within an escalated task (only tasks with no status or a status of assigned or logged are escalated), select one of the following to begin processing the task and end the escalation:

Accept: You accept the task and the system assigns the task to you.

Complete: The task is finished.

Reassign: The system sets the task back to the logged state.

Continue: Continue to the next workflow step.

Cancel: Stop the task.

Waiting: The task is on hold until further action or information is received.

Reject: The task is rejected.

Responding to a Task by Email

You can accept or reject a task assignment by responding to it directly from the task notification email.

1.When you receive a task assignment via email, click Reply.

2.Indicate your acceptance or rejection of the task assignment by typing accepted or rejected in the body of the message. The approval keywords are configured in the FRS Approval Status Keyword tab records in the Email Configuration form. The default keywords to approve or reject via email are accepted and rejected.

3.If you reject a task, enter the reason for rejecting it in the second line of the body of the message.

4.Click Send.

The system updates the task status as follows:

If you accept the task, the system changes the status to accepted.

If you reject the task, the system changes the status to rejected and the task is no longer valid.

The system stores the incoming email in the Activity History tab of the task record.