Adding a New Form View

1.From the Configuration console, click Build > Business Objects.

2.Open a business object.

3.Click the Layouts tab > Add New Layout. The Layout Editor page appears.

4.Click Add New Form View. The form view editor appears.

5.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Display name A unique name that appears to users.
Main Form

Choose from the drop-down list.

Click Edit to modify the form.

Click Add New Form to create a new form.

Toolbar Click Edit to add items to the toolbar. See Adding Toolbar Components Using the Layout Editor.
Enable Object View Auditing Automatically shows audit information.

Enable smart fill on repetitive input of some values

Enables smart fill. When entering repetitive data, the application automatically enters data into certain fields (not template fields). You can overwrite the information if needed.

Enable Next/Previous buttons on the search bar

Enables the Next and Previous buttons on the toolbar. This allows you to move from one record to the next.

Enable Cost Management

Enables costing for this layout. Click Edit Cost Settings to set costing information. The application displays the Edit Cost Management dialog box. Select a child relation and a parent relation and click OK.

Enable Matching panel

Enables the related items search feature. Click Edit Matching Settings to set the matching information. See Working with Object Matching and Related Items for more information.

After saving object show

Selects the view to show after the user saves the business object. Otherwise, the original view remains.

Click not set and select a view.

Click Edit to modify the view.

Click Add New Form View to create a new view.

Add Child Panel

The default child panels are listed. Click to add a child panel to the form. See About Data Rollups.

6.Click Save.