Creating a Layout

1.From the Configuration console, click Build > Business Objects.

2.Open a business object.

3.Click the Layouts tab.

4.Click Add New Layout. The application displays the Layout Editor.

5.Enter information into the fields:

Field Description
Display Name A unique name for this layout.
Enable Simple Search Makes the simple search text box visible on the workspace. Also known as full-text search, this searches all full-text indexed fields. See About the Different Search Types for more information on how this works.
Use Type Ahead Search Enables type ahead search. This option invokes a panel listing the results of what the user types into the search box, allowing them to click one of the results.
Search all full-text indexed fields Only searches in full-text indexed fields. This option is checked by default and enables you to use Partial word results.

Partial word results

Shows partial word results in the Type Ahead panel and the results list.

Search primary display fields only

Limits the search to only the primary display field (as opposed to all full-text indexed fields). Use this option only if the search freezes due to an excessive number of records. Note that the results from this search option will be different from the list results.

Do not sort

Disables automatically sorted results. By default, Type Ahead search results are sorted in ascending alphabetical-numeric order. This might cause a slow-down in getting search results.

Show Saved Search Link

Shows the saved search link (see Using Saved Searches).

Enable Saved Search

Shows the list of saved searches with this layout.

Views in this layout

Determines which view initialy appears. The chosen views appear in this area. You can add a list view (list) or a form view. See the following procedures for more information on creating these views.

Modal Forms assignment

Automatically populated forms based on the selected Views in this layout. These are used for validated fields and are automatically generated when you create a new validation on a field. For more information about forms, see Using Forms.

6.Click Save.