Working with Localization

About Localization

Unsupported Localization Features

Setting Up Languages

Using the Ivanti Translation Tool

Editing Translation Strings

Translating HTML Content

Importing or Exporting a Translation Spreadsheet

Example: Translating Label Expressions

Translating Quick Actions and Their Prompts

Translating the Self Service Action Templates

Translating Saved Searches

About Localization

You can localize many areas of Neurons for ITSM to serve international customers.

Localization provides the capability to display the user interface in a language-and culture-specific way. Support is provided for non-English languages as well as for different cultures within a language, such as French (France) and French (Canada). The localization tools allow you to set the language for your locale.

The terms culture and locale are used interchangeably.

Localization offers the following:

Self Service and Service Desk users can select the locale of their choice, and administrators can configure the user interface for each locale. See Setting Up Languages.

Service Desk Analysts and Service Desk Managers with permissions to edit quick actions can edit the Self Service templates in the supported languages, as described in Translating the Self Service Action Templates.

Administrators can translate forms, lists, layouts, saved searches, and quick actions, which users automatically access when choosing their locale. See Setting Up Languages.

Administrators can set up the locales and translation strings. See Using the Ivanti Translation Tool.

Administrators can translate label expressions. See Example: Translating Label Expressions.

Administrators can determine who made translation changes and when they were made. See Using the Ivanti Translation Tool.

Prompts used in quick actions can be translated. See Translating Quick Actions and Their Prompts.

Results from expressions can be translated. See Expression Grammar.

Unsupported Localization Features

The text strings used for English locales are read-only.

You cannot configure the user interface to use more than one currency symbol at a time.

Transactional data (such as that displayed in a list view for a new incident, problem, approval, and so on) is not translated.