Enabling multi-select option for the Mobile Analyst portal

Mobile Analysts can create a task or add a memo for multiple records at once from any list view page. This saves them time and effort in performing repeated action. For this feature to be available, you need to add the required Quick Action to the respective Mobile Analyst business object layout.

For example, to select multiple records and create a memo for incidents, add the Quick Action - Memo to the Mobile Analyst Incident layout.

Adding a Quick Action to a business object layout

1.Log in to Neurons for ITSM as an Administrator.

2.Open the Configuration console > Business Objects > Incident or any other business object that you want to configure.

3.Select Layout, select the applicable layout for Responsive Analyst Incident business object and click Grid View.

4.Click Edit in the Toolbar field.

5.Drag and drop the required Quick Action and save. In this example, Memo is used.

Ensure the Quick Action you are using is enabled for the Mobile Analyst user role. For information on editing the Quick Action, see Working with Quick Actions.

6.Click Save.

Multi-select option in the Incident page