Run REST Web Service

About the Run REST Web Service Action


About the Run REST Web Service Action

You can use REST APIs with web services to create actions for gathering and using data from a web service. Use the process described in Working with Web Service Script Integration. For an introduction to REST APIs, see the Rest API help.


Parameter Description
Enter action name Enter a unique name for the action.
Enter action description Optional: Describe what the action does.
Enter category Optional: Select the category from the dropdown list.
URL Enter the REST API URL for the web service.
Basic Authentication Check this box to use basic authentication and require a user ID and password.
Domain Name Enter the domain name of the API.
User ID Enter a valid user name or ID.
Password Enter a valid password for the user ID.
Request Type Select the web service method for this action: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE.

Enter the endpoint of the API request by enclosing the parameter in braces { }.

For example:


In this case id is the endpoint parameter.

Result Type Select the expected data type of the variable when the Store result as field is used in Advanced Settings: Text, Number, Boolean, Raw, JSON, or XML.
Store Result In Specify the field where you want to store the result.
Store Error Message Enter the field where you want the application to store web service errors.

Header Parameter

Enter the parameters you wish to send in the request header.

Standard Parameter

Enter the parameters you want to send in the request body.

You must provide the entire request body within one standard parameter.

Endpoint Parameter

Enter the parameters present in the endpoint field.

The name of the parameter must match the name in the endpoint field.

Advanced Settings

Parameter Description
Store result as

Create a variable to store the result of the API call.

The Result Type parameter sets the data type for this variable. If you do not choose a Result Type, the variable stores the result as text.

Store return code as Create a text variable to store the HTTP status code.

Store headers as

Create a text variable to store the response header.


Button Action
Save Commit your settings.
Cancel Exit without saving.