Configuring the Save For Later Feature

The Save For Later feature allows you to create a service request in the self Service portal without immediately submitting it.

When you do not have all of the information needed to submit the service request, but want to start the service request, a service request that has been saved for later appears as a draft to Service Desk Analysts.

Service Desk Analysts should not modify a service request that has been started by a Self Service user; only the Self Service user should continue with the service request as this could cause unexpected results from the Request Fulfillment workflow.

You can enable or disable the Save For Later feature. By default, the Save for Later feature is automatically enabled.

To disable the Save For Later feature, do the following:

1.In the Configuration Console, click Build > Global Constants to open the Global Constants workspace.

2.Open the global constant called SCDisableSaveForLater and set it to true. This hides the Save for Later button. To enable it again, set it to false.

3.Open the global constant called SCAutoSaveTimeout and set it to 0. This determines how frequently service request records are automatically saved. The default is 3 minutes.

If your application does not have these global constants, you can create them and set them as needed. See Working with Global Constants and Default Global Constants.

4.Click Save.