About Using Expressions in Styles

Style expressions override any default options selected. Only specific words are recognized as style expressions. See Using Style Rule Expressions in the Form Editor for a list of acceptable words.

After adding a control to a form (within the Form Editor), click the down arrow in the Style Rule field, and the Expression Editor appears.

Style Rule Field in a Control

See Using Forms for information about the Style Rule field.

Enter an expression to apply to this style, if needed. You can define what existing style (bold, header, etc.) to apply to a control based on a condition. See Using the Expression Editor for more information.

For example, enter the following expression into the Style field of a list:

$(if Status == "Closed" then "RedStyle" else "LimeStyle")

This returns the row as the red style if the record status is closed and returns the row as the lime green style if it is not closed.

Using Style Rule Expressions in the Form Editor

You can use expressions when defining style rules in the Form Editor. However, style rules only recognize specific words. The following table lists the recognized words:

Rule Name Rule Value
Default (leave blank)
Black Combo Box blkcombo
Blue Text bluetext
Bold Highlighted boldhighlight
Bold Label bold
Bold w/ Horizontal Rule boldhr
Counter counter
Header header
Highlighted Row highlight
Horizontal Rule hr
Horizontal Rule Header hrheader
Light Blue Text lightbluetext
Light Blue Text Right lightbluetextright
Link (button) x-btn-link
Panel Body panelBody
Panel Body (First Row) panelBodyFirstRow
Panel Body (No Border) panelBodyNoBorder
Panel Footer panelFooter
Panel Header panelHeader
Red Label red
Right Label right
Therm labels bottm temp-t2
Therm labels top temp-t1
Vertical Rule vr
Vertical Rule (long) vrl
VIP vip