Create and Delete Queues

You can create queues, subqueues, and delete queues as needed. Deleting a parent queue also deletes its subqueues.

To Create a Queue:

1.On the Filters tab of the Queue Monitor Settings page (in the Management Portal, click System Configuration > Contact Center Server > Queue Monitor Settings), type a name for the queue in the Filter Name field. The queue name has no restrictions.

2.In the Parent drop-down list:

If you are creating a subqueue, select the queue you want designate as the parent queue.

If you are not creating a subqueue, select Top.

3.Click the Add button. The new queue name appears in the list as a link.

4.Click the queue name to configure the new queue. Refer to Queue Configuration for details.

To Delete a Queue:

1.Select the radio button next to the queue you want to delete.

2.Click the Remove button. A confirmation dialog box opens.

3.Click OK. The screen refreshes and the queue is deleted.

4.Click the Commit Changes button to enact the change.