General Tab Settings

The General tab page settings allow you to:

Modify any information configured on the Users page when creating the user profile.

Change or reset the user password. Resetting the password changes the password to the default value of password.

Change the user email address.

Change whether or not the user is searchable by name.

Specify the UI language.

Assign one or more roles to the user, determining the specific Ivanti Voice functionality the user can access.

Depending on the role of the user, users can access and modify their user properties by clicking Start > Programs > Ivanti, Inc. > Management Portal > User Configuration, then clicking the General tab on the Users page.

To Configure the General Tab Settings:

  1. In the Login column on the Users page, click the name of the user you want to edit. The General tab page opens. On the General tab, settings configured on the Users page can be edited as needed. This procedure explains all fields not previously configured.

  2. You can reset or change the user password, as needed:

    For security reasons, if you retain the default admin user, Ivanti, Inc. recommends you change the password of the admin user before going live in a production environment.

    Change the user password to password by clicking the Reset button. Click Set in the Reset password dialog box to confirm the reset.

    Specify a new password for the user by clicking the Change button. The Change Password dialog box opens. Type the new password in each field and click the Set button.

    Ivanti Voice passwords are case-sensitive, and can consist of any character with an ASCII code from 1-127, including upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The maximum length for passwords is 32 characters.

  3. Type the user email address.

  4. If you do not want the user to be searchable by name, deselect the Searchable by name check box.

  5. Specify a UI language from the list of languages supported by Ivanti Voice. The default for the user UI language is Automatic: the GUI language will be chosen based on the Windows local regional settings for the user.

  6. Type a description for the user, if needed.
  7. In the Role section, select the check box next to each role you want the user to have. If you assign a user one role that allows a privilege and a second role that denies that privilege, Ivanti Voice denies the user that privilege. If you assign a user one role that allows a privilege and a second role that neither allows nor denies that privilege (i.e., neither the Allowed nor the Denied check box for that privilege has been selected), Ivanti Voice grants the user the privilege.
  8. Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons on the User properties page to enact your changes. Proceed to Address Book, Forwarding, and Dialable PIN Tabs.