Installing and deploying

Ivanti Asset Manager On-Premises is an enterprise-level, customizable asset-management product that runs on top of the Ivanti Service Manager infrastructure. Using the Service Manager 2019.1 (or later) installer, you can implement Asset Manager On-Premises as a standalone product or in combination with Service Manager.

Existing service management customers will need to map Asset Manager content with any customized objects in Service Manager. Please contact your Ivanti representative for assistance with this.

Asset Manager's system requirements, configuration database, and so on are the same as that of Service Manager. For this reason, use the guides available under the Service Manager link at to install and deploy Asset Manager On-Premises. These guides, in PDF format, include:

ISM Installation and Deployment Guide

ISM Ops Console On-Premise User Guide

ISM Configuration Database Guide

ISM System Requirements Guide

ISM Performance Tuning Guide

ISM Ops Console Cloud Guide

ISM Web Services Guide

ISM Migration Guide

Once Asset Manager is fully deployed, refer to this online help for guidance on how to use the product. Your next steps will be to import data into the product, then set up user roles. For details, see Getting started.

If you're using Asset Manager Cloud:
You should have already received two emails from Ivanti—the first containing the URL to the Ivanti Neurons website along with account details, and the second containing the encrypted password needed to access the account.

Once your account is established, you'll need to import data into the product, set up user roles, and so on. For details, see Getting started.