What's new in Asset Manager?

Upgrading Asset Manager via content package updates
Existing Asset Manager customers can upgrade to the latest functionality by applying content package updates, which are available from the Ivanti Marketplace under the Product > Asset Management category. It's highly recommended that you stay current on content updates.

New for 2020.3

For existing customers, Asset Manager 2020.3 is downloadable from the Ivanti Marketplace as content update Drop #22 (202003), which is part of the Post Drop #15 (201902) consolidated package.

New hardware asset type. The Hardware Assets workspace has a new Medical Devices asset type that includes a number of corresponding subtypes. For details, see Hardware assets.

New attributes for the licensed software data imported from Ivanti Neurons. Under the Hardware Assets workspace > Licensable Software tab, newly added attributes are Last Used, Launch Count, Minutes Used, and End of Life.

Improved or enhanced integration with Ivanti Neurons. Includes the following:

Improved SNMP connector mapping for importing non-computer devices such as printers, switches, and so on.

Improved CDW connector functionality for importing invoices and purchase orders, linking PO line items, and so on.

Enhanced connector mappings for Ivanti Data Center Discovery (DCD) and Jamf Pro when synchronizing device data.