What's new?

Upgrading Asset Manager via content package updates
Existing Asset Manager On-Premises and Cloud customers can upgrade to the latest product functionality by applying free content packages from the Ivanti Marketplace (under the Product > Asset Management category). You'll find instructions online for how to download the packages. It's highly recommended that you stay current on these updates.

There's also a category of optional content packages that you may want to apply. For details, see Optional content packages.

New for 2020.4

Asset Manager 2020.4 is downloadable as content package Drop #23 (202004). Drop #13 (201813) or later must already be installed before applying this package. It includes:

Dashboard for unused software. A new Software License dashboard tracks these categories: licensed software by title, licensed software unused in the past 90 days, and licensed software unused in the past 180 days. For details, see Dashboards.

Enhancements to the Vendors workspace: A new Category field automatically displays 'Asset Management' to differentiate between asset-specific vendors and other vendors and is useful when linking vendors to hardware assets. For details, see Vendors.

Capability to link software assets to the Product Catalog. You can now link software assets to software items in the Product Catalog. In the Software Assets workspace, use the Catalog Item field to link a software asset to a Product Catalog software item. In the Product Catalog workspace > Item Details tab, use the Software Asset field to create an association with a software asset. For details, see Software assets or Product Catalog.

For Asset Manager Cloud only:

Enhanced integration with Ivanti Neurons. New MobileIron and MS Intune connectors for importing device data into Asset Manager.

Capability to override default device connector mappings. In the Asset Processor Configuration workspace, a new option enables you to override the default connector mappings configured in Ivanti Neurons.