Asset disposals

Use the Disposals workspace to manage the disposal of assets at the end of their life. This workspace shows a list of all disposals in the database, and provides a number of saved searches to narrow the list. Note that a single disposal record can include one or more assets for disposal.

You can start the disposal process here, or in the Hardware Assets workspace by selecting one or more assets, clicking Create Disposal at the top of the list, and then naming and saving the record. The record will display in the Disposals workspace, where you can add extra information to it before finalizing the disposal. For details, see both procedures below.

The Storage Manager user role has access to the Disposals workspace, as do the Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles.

For details about deleting asset records from the ITAM database and tracking them in the Deleted Assets Audit workspace, see Hardware assets.

Once you've created the asset disposal record, you can return to the Assets tab and link and unlink further assets as required. The next stage is to finalize the disposal.