Use the Contracts workspace to create and manage all aspects of the contracts associated with your asset purchase orders. The Contract Manager user role has access to this workspace, as do the Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles.

Note that for Contract Managers, the Contracts workspace is called Contract Management.

If needed, you can link ITAM Cloud with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence so that data relating to software-asset contracts is automatically passed between the two systems. For details, see Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence.

Contract line items

A single contract can comprise many line items of different types, such as entitlements, maintenance, support and so on. Use the Contracts workspace or the Contract Line Items workspace to add and modify line items for a contract.

Tip: To change the view within this workspace so that contract line items are grouped under their contracts, click the down arrow in the Contract column header, then select Group By This Field.

The column header menu showing how Group By This Field is selected to group contract line items under their contracts.