Customizing imports from the Ivanti Neurons Platform

Asset Administrators can create device parent type/subtype filters and field mappings that define how the Ivanti Neurons connector will import source asset data. These customizations provide a high level of control over how data is displayed in the Hardware Assets workspace and are useful when importing many records at once.

You can export the connector customizations as a package, then test them in a staging or UAT environment before using in a production landscape to sync data from the Ivanti Neurons Platform. The package enables you to duplicate the customizations across multiple tenants, each of which must be installed with the most recent version of Ivanti Neurons for ITAM Cloud.

To access this feature, you're required to apply content package update Drop #21 (202002) and above, which is downloadable from the Ivanti Marketplace. (Note that Drop #21 may be part of a consolidated package.)

Non-computer asset type support
This content package also provides SNMP connector support for importing non-computer asset types from the Ivanti Neurons Platform. For example, printer data can be imported as a Printer subtype into the target database.

To enable support, you must first create a new subtype mapping for the non-device type in the Asset Sub Type workspace under one of the existing parent types. You can then add the required mapping for the SNMP connector by following the next procedure.

Testing the connector customizations

It's recommended that you export your customizations as a metadata package and test them in a staging or UAT environment before importing into a production landscape. The process for doing so follows these general steps and is explained in the procedure below:

Export the customizations (created in the procedure above) as a package.

Contact Ivanti customer support to have them point the Neurons Platform to your staging or UAT tenant.

Import the package to the same staging or UAT tenant and test it. Make any necessary changes.

Contact Ivanti again to have them point the Neurons Platform to your production tenant.

Import the package to your production tenant in preparation for importing data from the Neurons Platform.

In all cases, the latest version of Ivanti Neurons for ITAM must be installed on your tenants.


The following procedure is applicable only for an update scenario; exported packages won’t create new connections if the connector doesn't already exist as part of your installation.

Before applying the package, back up your database.

Clone and delete actions for Ivanti Neurons connectors (Device and Invoice) are currently disabled or have been removed.

Once you've completed this procedure, you can begin importing asset data. For details, see The import process section in Importing from the Ivanti Neurons Platform.