Employees, departments, teams, and contact groups

Asset Administrators can use the workspaces listed below to manage and organize user records. A high-level overview of these workspaces is provided here; for more details, see the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM online help at help.ivanti.com.

For details about assigning user roles, see User roles.

Employee workspace

This workspace displays a list of all the employees in your database—employees are both users of ITAM and customers who can request assets. Employees are typically imported from your primary employee data source, though you can manually add them here as well.

All employee records must include details such as name, email address, login ID, org unit, and primary team the employee belongs to. As you add data to the database, you'll also be able to view an employee's assigned user roles and contact groups, associated assets, allocated software entitlements, and more from this workspace.

Asset Administrators can edit and create new employee records using this workspace; all other user roles have read-only access.

As best practice, we recommend that you define your employee departments and teams (in the Department and Teams workspaces respectively) before importing or manually adding employees to the database.

Department workspace

This workspace enables you to define departments within an organization, such as IT or Marketing, which can be used to categorize employees in the Employee workspace.

Teams workspace

This workspace enables you to create and manage teams of employees. A team is a more specific category than the department an employee belongs to—individual employees can be on more than one team, and teams can be created from employees working in separate departments.

Teams are responsible for adding items to the Product Catalog and fulfilling asset requests. Asset requests must be associated with at least one team, because request assignments are given to teams and use team email rather than individual email.

An asset request may also include one or more tasks that another team needs to complete before the request can be fulfilled.

Contact Group workspace

You can configure ITAM to use an approval process for setting up contracts, purchase orders, and Product Catalog items. In doing so, the process advances only after the majority of a group of approvers has approved the item.

Use the Contact Group workspace to add employees to a contact group that's responsible for advancing an approval process. After a person is added to a group, they'll receive an email when a process has begun that requires their approval. Managers, supervisors, and senior personnel are common members of contact groups.

If your database is integrated with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, the list view will show contact groups for both products. The contact groups specific to ITAM are:

Purchase Order Approvers – For details about configuring, see Procurement.

Product Catalog Item Approvers – For details about configuring, see Product Catalog. Note that if a non-standard catalog request is made by a user, the approval process must go through members of this group. If a standard request is made, approval is based on the manager associated with the person requesting the item.

After configuring a contact group, you have the option of deactivating it at any time.