Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery (ITAM On-Premises)

This topic describes how to integrate your local implementation of ITAM On-Premises with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery (accessed via the Ivanti Neurons Platform). Integration enables you to transfer data from Neurons for Discovery, such as device and invoice records, into your ITAM database. The transfer of data goes one way, meaning you can't transfer updated records back into Neurons for Discovery.

At this time, Installed software information for device records is transferable from Neurons for Discovery, but Licensable software information is not.

Getting started

Before getting started with the integration, make sure:

You're running ITAM On-Premises 2022.3 or higher. For details on setting up ITAM On-Premises, see Setup.

For existing ITSM customers, upgrade to ITAM by applying the latest ITAM content package (available from the Ivanti Marketplace).

You're licensed to access the Neurons Platform.

You have an Neurons for Discovery tenant set up with data you want to transfer.

Next, follow the sections below, in the order listed, to complete the integration.

Updating the UNO Landscape configuration

This is a one-time update required to integrate with Neurons for Discovery. If you need assistance or details about the Neurons for Discovery tenant settings, contact Ivanti customer support.

Before you can update the UNO Landscape, you first need to obtain URL and tenant ID values from the Neurons Platform. Obtain these values by following the procedure below.

Setting up the app and client registrations

Complete these procedures to enable the tenants for Neurons for Discovery and ITAM to communicate with each other.

Enabling the ability to transfer data into ITAM

Next, enable the ability to transfer data from Neurons for Discovery. Invoice transfers require an additional procedure to update a Web.config file.

Configuring the Neurons connector settings

Finally, configure the Neurons Device and/or Invoice connector settings for importing the data into ITAM. Settings include data filters, field mappings, and the import schedule. This is a one-time configuration that is saved until you manually change it again.

Confirming the data is importing correctly

After integration is complete, you can view details about an import job as it's occurring. From the ITAM user console:

Open the Integration Queue workspace to monitor the job progress, which may take a while. Refresh the page as often as needed. You’ll see the status of the import job go from Queued to Running to Completed. The job will disappear from this workspace when completed.

Open the Message Queue Journal workspace to view incoming messages related to the transferred data. Click Decompress Message (top right of page) to view details about specific, discovered records. By default, this option is disabled. To enable it, see the Troubleshooting section below.

Open the Integration Log workspace to view any errors associated with the import job. If a job was successful, Stats display under LogType. When errors are encountered, Stats and ErrorStats display. Double-click ErrorStats to view a summary of the errors.

Imported data will display in the correct workspace for the record type—devices display in Hardware Assets and invoices display in the Invoices workspace. You may need to refresh those workspaces before the data displays.

At this time, Installed software information for device records is transferable from Neurons for Discovery, but Licensable software information is not.


The Integration Log workspace may display an error during token renewal for the ITAM tenant. You can ignore this error or use the following workaround to prevent it from happening.

The following tips address issues you may encounter when viewing the Message Queue Journal workspace during a data transfer.