Optional content packages

Existing Ivanti Neurons for ITAM customers can apply optional content packages that enhance the product functionality.

These packages are highly recommended but not required. They're available for free from the Ivanti Marketplace, where you'll find instructions for how to download the packages.

Currently available packages:

Mobile Asset Manager content package. This package downloads the tenant software needed to support the Ivanti Service Manager app for use with ITAM. Use the app to scan hardware asset barcodes, edit asset record details, and apply a range of quick actions remotely from Android- or iOS-based smartphones. The latest version also supports the ability to take delivery of hardware assets that are part of a purchase order. For details about setting up and using, see Scans via smartphones.

Ivanti Facilities Management content package. Though primarily for use with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, this package also includes new workspaces that enable you to manage the non-device assets common to many facilities (such as office furniture and building equipment) and to create work orders for maintenance jobs in and around a facility. For details about using, see Facility assets.