Facility assets

The Facilities Management content package adds workspaces for managing the non-device assets common to many facilities, such as office furniture, equipment, and building mechanics. Basically, facility assets is a catch-all term relating to any facility-based item that you want to manage or maintain. You can also create work orders for maintenance jobs in and around a facility.

Use this package in an environment where both Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and ITAM are installed or in an Ivanti Neurons for ITAM-only environment. For details about downloading, see Optional content packages.

This topic covers how you can use this package for ITAM. For details about using it with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, see that product's online help.

Facility buildings and assets

It's recommended that you set up the facility buildings (as well as the floors, rooms, and cubicles in those buildings) as part of a location record before adding the facility assets that you want to manage.

Work orders

Create work orders for custodial, operational, or maintenance jobs at a facility. Work orders must be responded to and resolved within a certain period of time, or they'll breach their response and resolution targets.