Ivanti Neurons for ITAM has a set of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports to provide you with advanced information about your assets. Asset Administrators and the Report Manager user role can access the full list of reports from the Reports workspace or from the Home workspace.

For details about working with reports and report management, see the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM online help at

Calculating aggregate values

Some reports require you to run a Calculate Aggregate Values Quick Action on the underlying data to return accurate results. You must do so each time before viewing the report. The reports that necessitate this action are:

Total Cost of Ownership by Criteria / Criteria Detail

Total Market Value by Criteria / Criteria Detail / Overall / Overall Detail

Total Purchase Price by Criteria / Criteria Detail

Total Straight Line Depreciation by Criteria / Overall

To calculate aggregate values for reports

1.Open the Financial Owners workspace.

2.Select all the records in the list.

3.Click the More drop-down menu (top right of the page) and select Calculate Aggregate Values. This action calculates the various totals for each of the records selected, and displays the data in extra columns in the list view. To view this data in report format, follow the procedure above.