Creating Copies of Filters

You can create a copy of any filter.

Creating a Copy of a Predefined Smart Filter

You cannot edit a predefined Smart Filter. If you want to modify a predefined Smart Filter, you must make a copy of it and then make your desired modifications.

1.Select the desired predefined Smart Filter and then click the Edit icon ().

The Smart Filter dialog is displayed.

2.Type a descriptive name for the filter.

3.Click Save.

4.See Custom Filters for information on configuring the new filter.

Creating a Copy of a Custom Smart Filter or a Composite Filter

You might do this if you want to use an existing filter as a template for a new filter.

1.Select the desired filter.

2.Click the Edit icon ().

3.Provide a new name for the filter.

4.Click Save.

5.On the Save Filter dialog, click Copy.