List View v2 Changes

Summary: A high-level overview of the list view v2 changes in the Ivanti Neurons version 13.00.00 release.

Updated List Views

  • Hosts

  • Applications

  • Host Findings

  • Application Findings

Key Features

The new list views an updated look and feel and offer many new features. If you use the Vulnerability KB, you will be familiar with the new list view format. This section describes new features available on v2 list views and changes to previously available features.

Addition of Customizable KPI Bar: KPIs include threat, ingestion, and SLA metrics as well as other important metrics such as the number of findings assigned to the logged-in user. New list views can show up to 5 KPIs at a time.

Click the 3-dot menu to see available configurations for the KPI or to switch between KPIs.

Enhanced Filtering Capabilities: Build an OR filter expression with up to three branches. Filters in each branch are AND expressions. The filter bar also allows you to save your own filter combinations for later.

The new filter bar resides at the top of the page. You can close the filter bar at any time to save space.

Each individual filter has new controls that let you invert the filter, disable it, delete it, or edit it.

OR Filter Compatibility: Users can add OR filter expressions to user widgets and playbooks.

Saving Default Page Settings: The option to save new default page settings still resides within the page configuration options on the upper right. Use this option to save the settings that you want to see when you first log into your client.

Enhanced Sorting Capabilities: Previously, the list views either let you select a single sort column or pick from a set of pre-configured multisort options. Now you can choose to sort the list view by up to any 3 sortable columns. To add an additional sort, press the Control key on your keyboard and click the column. (On Mac keyboards, use the Command key.)

Quick Filters: Browse common industry- and risk-related filter categories on the left. Quick filters show the top terms for each category and the total count of results for each filter. Note that currently applied filters have no impact on these counts.

This section replaces the menu for applying filters, which has moved to the top of the page. User filters and System filters sit beneath Quick filters.

Updated Column Management: Each column has a 3-dot options menu that lets the user access sorting options and the Show Columns menu. The Show Columns menu lets you add or remove columns or reset the page to the system defaults. New columns show up when you close the Show Columns menu.

You can also hide columns from the 3-dot menu or pin columns to the left of the list view. Drag and drop a column to change its position.

Collapsible Components: You can collapse the Quick Filters, filter bar, KPI bar, and Detail pane.

Other Changes

Users can configure the list views to show up to 100 records per page. This setting has also moved to the bottom right of the page.