Version 13.06.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons Version 13.06.00, released on January 20, 2023.

The Ivanti Neurons platform version 13.06.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, obtaining feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].

New Features

  • Saved Views: Saved views combines the ability to save filters with other settings like column order, the applied Group By, and KPI configurations. This feature allows you to create multiple views of your data. Within the same view, you can simultaneously filter and prioritize results, configure KPIs to match timelines, and show only relevant columns. Then you can share your views to communicate the status of an initiative across your organization.

    Saved views also adds new list view settings. With this update, you can saved pinned columns and create views that hide the KPI bar or left filter pane. For more information, visit the summary of changes to v2 list views or view the full documentation for saved views.


  • Mappings for Scanner Reported Severity - Scanner Reported Severity is now ingested for the connectors Aqua Security, Black Duck, Edgescan Application, and Veracode. The field is now also supported for the Aqua Security CSV upload.
  • Deprecated CrowdStrike API - The CrowdStrike connector will now retrieve asset details from the endpoint /devices/entities/devices/v2.
  • Nexus Lifecycle Component-Unknown Findings - The Nexus Lifecycle connector can now ingest findings with a policy name of “Component-Unknown” and a null packageUrl field.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The unused Tag “Id” field has been removed from the Jira, BMC Remedy, Service Now Incident, and Service Now Request ticketing connectors.
  • Workflow fields will allow special characters other than the following. The “Name” field cannot contain a new line. The fields “Name”, “Reason”, “Description”, and “User Notes” cannot have a space before or after the input.
  • The top filter bar no longer shows the option to save a filter.
  • Deep links for list views remember all page settings. If you create a deep link on a list view, it stores all same settings as a view.
  • Users will no longer see a Settings cog on the upper right of the v2 list views. This location now only shows an icon for deep links. (Settings are part of views now!)
  • The menu options for creating views and creating widgets now live in the same place. The menu options for creating a widget or a view both appear under the “CREATE” menu.
  • Some views will be excluded as Playbook filter templates. When you create a playbook rule, you will copy only filters from a view. The rule creation wizard will exclude any views without filters from the list of views to select as a filter template.
  • View cards take up less space. The view card now shows up to two lines for the view title. To view the description for the view, hover over the card with your mouse.

Fixed Issues

  • Searching on a tag assigned to many users no longer causes a blank page.
  • The NetBIOS field will now be properly populated for a Nessus asset.
  • Users can now subscribe to notifications from the “NOTIFY ME” drop-down.
  • Users can now successfully change the due date of a finding under SLA.
  • Users should see better performance when updating asset tags through the API.
  • New asset tags can now be used to filter on the Ivanti RS3 timeline.
  • The Qualys VM/VMDR and Claroty connectors should no longer create assets without vulnerabilities if the user leaves the corresponding box unchecked within the connector configuration form.
  • The character case for an ingested NetBIOS should match the scanner input.
  • Export templates referring to scanner-specific fields will retain the scanner name for each field.
  • Users should see auto-suggest values if a search term contains a new line character.
  • In the Host Finding Detail, the count of observations for Qualys PC findings shown in the Observations section should always be correct even if assets have been merged into a different network.
  • The “SLA Success Performance” KPI should calculate the KPI correctly against the total number of closed findings under SLA if the “All Time” configuration is selected.

Known Issues

  • A user with access to multiple clients will only be able to use the “Set as Default” feature on one client. The “Set as Default” action will work on the first client where the user sets a default view. On the other clients, the user’s default view will not be updated after they confirm the change.

  • When you select a view with a Group By, you may not see the blue checkmark appear on the card when you apply the view.
  • If you remove a pinned column from a list view, you may see an empty “Pinned” section in the Create View or Update View dialogue.
  • Users with the “Read-Only” role (or who otherwise who lack the View Modify privilege) cannot apply a view.
  • In the process of removing columns and applying views, users may see incorrect sort order keys shown on columns or in the Create View dialogue.
  • The View Card Click Filter configuration on the User Settings page must currently be set for every client.
  • If a user selects a list view as the landing page for a client, logs into that client, and then goes to the Multi-Client Dashboard, they may see snackbar error.
  • If a user opens the Copy View dialogue and then cancels, the user may see not the current applied filters if they open up the Copy View dialogue again or try to update a view. Workarounds include refreshing the page and closing and opening the filter bar.


  • Every user’s default column settings, KPIs, and rows per page will match the system default page settings. All users with a default filter will see the filter load on top of the system default page settings. All other users will initially have Client Defaults as their default view.
  • The Client Defaults view initially matches the System Defaults view on every client.
  • All saved filters will be converted to views.
  • The field Discovered On has been removed as a column, filter, and Group By. This change impacts user widgets, saved views, playbooks, and export templates:
    • For user widgets with Discovered On as a column, the widgets will no longer show the column.
    • For user widgets that use Discovered On as a Group By, the user widget will now use the First Discovered On as the Group By.
    • For saved filters with Discovered On as a filter category, the saved filter will now refer instead to the First Discovered On filter.
    • Saved export templates no longer include the Discovered On column.
    • Playbook rules based on the Discovered On filter will use First Discovered On instead.