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Configure people attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > People Attributes, configure People Attributes. A people attribute stores information about a person, like contact details, employee number, place of birth or telephone number. You can use them to provide values in workflow actions. You can specify individual values for a person on the person's Attributes tab.


Field Explanation and Tips
Name Name of the attribute.
  • If an attribute of type Table is filled using a Data Connection, the icon is displayed next to the name.
Type You can configure 3 types of people attributes: text, password and table.
Service delivery triggers View which people attributes trigger a service delivery when you make changes to their value. The details page of each people attribute show a list of the services in which the person attribute is set as a delivery trigger.
  • Identity Director contains two default people attributes:
    • Use Windows user account of manager to specify this people attribute for example in a data connection to synchronize data with Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Use Security Questions and Answers in the Password Reset and Unlock Account functionality. If you configure a service to implement one of these Login Page Services in your environment, make sure it fills this attribute with the security questions and answers that are provided by the user.
  • You can also let the values of people attributes be determined by a Set Person Attributes and Identifiers workflow action or a people data connection. For table people attributes, you can also change their values with a Perform Table Operation action.
  • Ivanti recommends NOT to use special characters in the names of attributes, as this may result in unexpected behavior during a service transaction.
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