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Configure data sources for Comma Separated Values (CSV) files

Use the node Data Model > Data Sources to configure Data Sources. Use Comma Separated Values (CSV) Data Sources to synchronize data from a CSV file.


Item Explanation and Tips
File name and location Specify the CSV file that stores the data that you want to synchronize with your environment. You cannot refer to files with a local path (e.g. C:\...), because the Management Portal is web based. Instead, you need to specify the host name of the specific server that stores the file (e.g: \\VM-WIN2012\Datasource\HRfile.csv).
Security context Specify the credentials to access the location of the CSV file.
  • In Building Blocks of Data Sources, credentials of the Security context fields are not included. You have to set these credentials again after you import the Building Block.
Delimiter Specify the delimiter in the CSV file.
Data begins at row Specify from which row in the CSV file Identity Director should start reading data.
Filter tab Optionally, filter out irrelevant data from the Data Source.
Diagnostics tab
  • The Preview Data tab shows a preview of the data.
  • The Data Connections tab shows which data connections currently use the Data Source.
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