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Upgrade the Windows Client

Upgrade from Identity Director version 10.3 or higher

  1. Run the Ivanti Identity Director Installer on the target device.
  2. When prompted, choose Select and install components and click Next.
  3. In the Features section, select Windows Client.
    If you installed other components on the same device, also select those. Their upgrade starts after you upgraded the Windows Client.
  4. Start the upgrade and follow the Setup Wizard.
  5. Repeat this process on all devices on which you installed the Windows Client.

Upgrade from Identity Director version 10.2.x.x or earlier

As of Identity Director version 10.3, the Windows Client no longer connects to the Catalog Services. The Client now connects to the Mobile Gateway.

  1. If your environment does not yet contain a Mobile Gateway, please install it before upgrading your Windows Clients.
  2. Upgrade your Windows Clients as described in the steps above.
  3. Open the Client and click Settings to configure the Mobile Gateway URL in the Settings window.

Please upgrade your existing Mobile Gateway(s) to version 2022.4 before upgrading your Windows Clients.