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Configure service publications

A service publication is a container in which you can specify the service templates and/or services that you want to be available for use in a specific Automation or Workspace Control environment. You can configure service publications at Setup > Service Publications.

A new Identity Director environment contains two default service publications:

  • Automation: This service publication contains a default Run Book Template, which you can use in Automation to publish Run Books as a service in Identity Director.
  • Workspace Control: This service publication contains the default Workspace Template, which you can use in Workspace Control to create new services in Identity Director, and use them as access principle for applications, printers and other objects.

You can edit these service publications or configure new service publications.

Properties tab

Field Explanation and Tips
Publication name Specify a name for the service publication.
Password Specify a password for the service publication.
People Identifier Specify the people identifier that Identity Director uses to identify users in Automation and Workspace Control when they work with the service publication (e.g. Windows user account).

When you configure Identity Director Integration in Automation or Workspace Control, the publication name and password must be provided.

Published Services tab

On the Published Services tab, specify the available services in the service publication.
You can only add services that have the option Show in publications selected, on the Properties tab of the service page.

Published Templates tab

On the Published Templates tab, specify the available templates in the service publication.
You can add:

  • the default Run Book Template or Workspace.
  • any service with the options Use as template and Show in publications selected, on the Properties tab of the service page.

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