Configure Identity Providers

If you selected to install the Active Directory Authentication Provider or Windows Authentication Providerin the Identity Broker Setup Wizard (see Install the Identity Broker), no further configuration is necessary for those instances of these providers. Unless you want to configure additional Identity Providers, you can proceed to Configure Identity Consumers).

If you installed the Active Directory Authentication Provider or Windows Authentication Provider separately, or if you want to use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) or Azure Active Directory as an Identity Provider, you will have to add these manually.

Multiple Identity Providers can be added to the Identity Broker. This can be useful in, for example, multi-domain environments.
If you configure multiple Identity Providers, you can assign a specific provider to a Identity Director Web Portal URL.
If you do not assign Identity Providers, users will have to select which provider they want to use for authentication.
See Resulting behavior if configured correctly.

The order in which the Identity Providers are presented to the users is identical to the order in the Identity Providers list-view. It can be changed using the Up and Down buttons.

You can add the following types of Identity Providers:

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