Configure the Password Reset settings

The description below assumes that you have completed the instructions described in the topic 'Import the Building Blocks'.

  1. In the Management Portal, go to Setup > Login Page Services > Password Reset.
  2. On the General tab:
    • Select Windows logon screen, Web Portal logon screen and Include captcha validation. Captcha validation provides additional security to validate users.
    • Optionally, in the Reset link text field, customize the text of the password reset link. The default text (Password Reset) is available in all supported languages on the Web Portal.
    • In the People identifier field, select Windows user account. If configured in your environment, you can select other people identifiers.
    • Click the browse button in the Service field.
    • In the Select Services pane, select the service Reset password and mail a new one and click OK.
    • Optionally, in the User instructions and Status page message fields, provide additional information for the user.
    • Optionally, in the Redirection URL field, specify a URL of choice after a password reset, rather than the default Identity Director sign-in page. In certain scenarios, for example when users access Identity Director from a thin client, redirecting them to the default page may not be user-friendly. By specifying a URL of choice, you can prevent scenarios like these.
      If you do not enable the Display the Finish button option, no redirection will occur.
    • In the Password input field, select Provided through service workflow.
  3. On the Verification Code tab, disable Verification code validation
  4. On the Security Questions tab, set the number of security questions to 0.
  5. Save the changes.

You have now configured password resets via e-mail.