Configure Password Reset

At Setup > Login Page Services > Password Reset, enable users to reset their Active Directory password. This reduces the number of help desk password tickets and enhances productivity of the user. Users can reset their Active Directory password from the Microsoft Windows logon screen, or from the Identity Director Web Portal or Mobile client logon page, either via a wizard or via service delivery.

  • You can add code validation to password resets. This adds an extra check to authenticate the identity of the user who requests a password reset: a verification code is sent to the user e.g. by SMS or e-mail. Users then need to provide this verification code before they can proceed with a password reset. This ensures that passwords are reset as secure as possible.
  • Using organizational context, you can define to whom the Verification Code and/or Security Questions apply.
  • You can configure password complexity policies based on regular expressions, to ensure that passwords provided by your users meet the complexity requirements of your organization.
  • You can add translations for the labels and messages that appear to end users in the Web Portal.



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