Configure people attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > People Attributes, configure People Attributes. A people attribute stores information about a person, like contact details, employee number, place of birth or telephone number. You can use them to provide values in workflow actions. You can specify individual values for a person on the person's Attributes tab.


Field Explanation and Tips
Name Name of the attribute.
  • If an attribute of type Table is filled using a Data Connection, the icon is displayed next to the name.
Type You can configure several types of people attributes: text, password, and table.

Visible in Web Portal

Select this option to make your attribute visible in the person details view for Delegated Administration panels. This ensures that delegated users have an easier time identifying people that share similar characteristics, like identical first and last names.

If the attribute is marked as containing restricted information, the content will be hidden in the Management Portal and the Web Portal

Service delivery triggers View which people attributes trigger a service delivery when you make changes to their value. The details page of each people attribute show a list of the services in which the person attribute is set as a delivery trigger.
  • Identity Director contains two default people attributes:
    • Use Windows user account of manager to specify this people attribute for example in a data connection to synchronize data with Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Use Security Questions and Answers in the Password Reset and Unlock Account functionality. If you configure a service to implement one of these Login Page Services in your environment, make sure it fills this attribute with the security questions and answers that are provided by the user.
  • You can also let the values of people attributes be determined by a Set Person Attributes and Identifiers workflow action or a people data connection. For table people attributes, you can also change their values with a Perform Table Operation action.
  • Ivanti recommends NOT to use special characters in the names of attributes, as this may result in unexpected behavior during a service transaction.
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