Function: @[UNION]

With the function @[UNION(<set1>,<set2>,(<separator>))] you can combine two datasets into one. The <separator> argument is optional.

  • Arguments set1 and set2 can also be defined as attributes, placeholders or functions.
  • Values that are present in both datasets, are included only once in the result.
    @[UNION(A;C;E,B;C;D;E)] returns A;B;C;D;E
  • If a separator is not specified, the default separator is a semi-colon (;).

    The comma (,) cannot be used as a separator in the datasets, because it is used as the separator between the function arguments.

If you insert the @UNION function from the Create pattern window, the <separator> argument is wrapped in additional parentheses (()) to indicate that it is optional:
You must remove these parentheses to use the argument.

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