Use placeholders and functions in workflow actions

At Entitlement Catalog, when you configure a workflow action for a service, you can optionally replace the values in various fields with placeholders. The actual values of these fields are provided during the service transaction. For example, you can use placeholders to provide values for Run Book Parameters in an Invoke Run Book action or for a service attribute in a Set Service Attribute action.

You can use placeholders related to:

  • the service
  • the subscriber, requester or actor in the service
  • the workflow action

In addition, you can use functions to create data or a dataset that is tailored to your needs.

In action fields that support this functionality, you can select from a list of placeholders and functions by clicking a browse button. This opens the Placeholders & functions pane, which gives an overview of all available placeholders and functions. Use the search field to find the correct placeholder.

  • When you specify a key word, the search results are highlighted in the picker and filtered accordingly.
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