Use service placeholders

At Entitlement Catalog, when you configure a workflow action for a service, you can optionally replace the values in various fields with placeholders. Service placeholders are based on service attributes.

See Attributes tab of the service page for an overview of available service attributes. In the Overview of placeholders and functions you can find a list of placeholders per attribute type.


  • The following placeholders are available for the default service attributes:
    • Use #Service[Name] to resolve the name of each service. This placeholder is not based on a service attribute that you configured on the Attributes tab of the service page. For this reason, you cannot configure a service attribute Name.
    • Use #Service[NrSubscribers] to resolve the number of subscribers to the service.
    • Use #Service[NrSubscriptions] to resolve the number of subscriptions to the service. This placeholder is useful if you allow a service to be delivered multiple times to the same subscriber.
    • Use #Service[WorkflowTrigger.Name] and #Service[WorkflowTrigger.Value] to resolve the name or value of the trigger that started the workflow to deliver or return the service. These placeholders can be useful to influence the path of a workflow (using a Compare attributes action (value only)), or to include in a message.
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